Real Life Monopoly Youth Exchange (June 8-14)

Project aims to gather 20 young people (18-24) plus 5  youth leaders from 5 different countries (Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria) to create friendly environment to understand global business issues. During 5 YE days participants will share their culture, knowledge, skills experiences and build real life size interpretation of game Monopoly.

From various material we will physically build buildings, stores, business centers, online business spots etc. We will extract the best business examples of each country and try to incorporate it in our global Monopoly city, which consists of business examples of 5 different countries. Using this structure we will be able to share experiences, culture, innovations. After the futuristic Monopoly city is built, we will play with it as a  chess board. We will move businesses from 1 position to another, we will combine business and look for free niches to include our new startup, business ideas.

At the same time participants will learn how to work in international teams, how to deal with different opinions and find compromises. Participants will be equipped with entrepreneurship skills and competences necessary for today.

During the project specialists from venture capital organizations will be invited to analyze the futuristic 5 countries Monopoly city. Together with venture capitalists participants will decide what is worth carrying further and which ideas could be transformed into real startups.

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