Ko jaunimas išmoko pabėgimo kambaryje ?

Kaišiadorių Jaunimo organizacijos “Žalieji velniai” nariai pirmieji išbandė tarptautinį pabėgimo kambarį “Escape Your stereotypes”

Štai, ką jie išmoko/sužinojo: 

How did you feel, what was this experience for you?                                                      

I liked it very much

Very good, its very unusual escape game.

Good, liked it very much.

Very good game, oi realized that you need to look at puzzles from different angle.


What you didnt like about the game?

I liked everything except englisg language.

It was annoying that video was not playing fluently and it constantly stucked. But I liked that the tasks were dedicated to teamwork.

The begining and the end of the game was not clear

I liked the task „change perspective“, liked teamwork, nothing was annoying.

Fun and sneaky game.


How did you feel as a member of team? What was your role ?

I cant explain how I felt, it seemd i had no role.

I felt tired

Good as a part of a team.

Super, i had a chanse „to sit“ on every task. It was a good feeling to complete all these puzzles.

Friendly, cooperative team.


Which of the stereotypes and prejudices did you recognize at this game ?


Judgement by how somebody looks.

Rasism sterotypes

That we have prejudices

Did you notice your own sterotypes ?

That i have prejudices.

I judge people by their appearance.

What did you dicover about yourself during a game ?

That im tollerant person.

It is difficult to see hidden details

It is easier and more fun to solve puzzles as a team member.

What did you learn during the game ?

Change perspective

Always check if there is something under the table.


The project #EscapeYourStereotypes is supported by the #ErasmusPlus